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del_undelHello There!

Here’s another part of the Tutorial Series of Partition Manager 10.

One of the basic tasks you can accomplish with Partition Manager is to Delete and Undelete a Partition.

Once a partition is deleted, it doesn’t mean its totally gone. Partition Manager only removes references to the deleted partition from the Partition Table, making its information inaccessible, it’s not gone but merely unavailable for the operating system.

To delete a partition:

delpart 1. Open Partition Manager.

2. In the Main menu, select Wizards, then Delete Partition.

3. Select a hard disk where the partition you want to delete is located, then click Next.

4. On the Merge free blocks options choose an option, click on the drop-down arrow and select your desired  option, then click Next.



5. Click Finish.

6. Click on Apply command from the menu to apply changes.

As I’ve said, the deleted partition wasn’t literally gone. Partition Manager only removed the references to it in the Partition table.

The removed/deleted partition can still be recovered through an advanced partitioning operation called Undelete Partition Wizard.

To undelete partition:

undel1. In the Main Menu, select Wizards, then go to  Undelete Partitions.

2. On the Welcome screen, click Next to proceed with the operation.

3. Choose a free block from a tree-structured list of available hard disks on your computer by checking their box, then click Next.

del_selectpart4. Choose for a Search method and a File system to specify the search, click Next and wait for search to be completed

5. Once the search has completed, select the partition you wish to recover and click Next.

6. Click Finish.

Congratulations! You now know how to successfully delete and undelete a partition!

Until Next Time 😉

Peter – Your Partition Manager Guide