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how to install multiple osHello There!

Do you need two operating systems on your computer to enable you use all your favorite software comfortably?

Paragon’s Partition Manager has a special feature that allows you to install two operating systems on the same computer safely.

Please allow me to give you a very important reminder before I proceed with the instructions on performing the multiple OS installation.

Windows uses the same Boot Manager both for Windows XP and Windows Vista. This means, when you install Windows XP into your computer, it also installs Boot Manager into the Master Boot Record (MBR – it is the information in the first sector of any hard disk that identifies how and where an OS is located so that it can be loaded into the RAM) that controls the load order.

So the moment you install Windows Vista into the second partition, if you are careless, it can rewrite the previous boot manager. In this case, you now have one boot manager for both Operating Systems, thus, when it is corrupted neither of your Operating Systems will be loaded. That leaves you nothing!

To avoid this nightmare from happening, it is best that when it comes to your computer, we should take extra precautions and do things right the first tiem or else, you’ll end up in lots of trouble and waste valuable time!

LESSON LEARNED – make sure that when you install a new OS, the existing OS will NOT be affected, least of all overwritten. This can only be done safely and correctly with Partition Manager.

There are two ways to perform this task with Partition Manager

1. Disconnect the original drive; or
2. Hide the System Partition from Installation process.

In this tutorial, I will teach you how to hide the system partition for a safe and trouble-free outcome.

1. Create a Recovery CD. For instructions, go here.
2. Boot system and go to the interface where the disk’s layout is shown.
3. Insert CD into the CR-ROM
4. Restart your computer
5. Select Normal mode then go to the Partition Manager
6. Right-click on a partition, then select Hide. Perform the same step for all partitions on all hard drives EXCEPT the one where you want your new OS to be installed.
7. Eject Recovery CD
8. Insert Windows Installation CD/DVD into the CR-ROM
9. Run installation and point it to the unhidden partition (the partition where you want the new OS to be installed)
10. Complete installation by installing drivers and so on.
11. Once done, boot again from your Recovery CD, follow Step 5.
12. From the Partition Manager window, unhide all the hidden partitions.
13. Restart to Windows.
14. In Windows, open Partition Manager > Advanced Options > Tools > select Boot Manager Setup Wizard and follow the instructions to finalize.

Congratulations! You now have multiple OS in a multiboot system!

Until Next Time 😉

Peter – Your Partition Manager Guide