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Hello Friends! Recently, I’ve received tons of emails and questions from readers who’re deciding to buy the Partition Manager. So for that, I’ve decided to create a post especially dedicated to answering the “Most Common Partition Manager Pre-Purchase Questions.”

Before we begin, let me start by informing those who don’t know what the Partition Manager is. It’s the best tool or software in partition management since 1994 and can manage both physical and virtual settings. This tool can triple your performance and productivity. It can merge, resize, redistribute free space and split partitions, convert to file systems, and initiate to new hard drive. If everyone’s ready, let me begin:

Most Common Partition Manager Pre-Purchase Questions (*Apply for Personal and Professional Editions)

  1. Can I delete, format, or create any file system partition? Yes, you can delete, format, or create any file system partition.
  2. Can I make a new partition in the right hard disk location and format it to NTFS so it will be available for my system? Yes, you can make a new partition in the right hard disk location and format it to NTFS so it will be available for your system.
  3. Can I move or resize partitions on my hard disk? Yes, you can move or resize partitions on your hard disk.
  4. Can I increase the free space on a single partition through using an unused space of any adjacent partition even with Apple Boot Camp? Yes, you can increase the free space on a single partition through using an unused space of any adjacent partition.
  5. Is there risk if I change a file system type of your current partition? None at all.
  6. Do I have to stick with an existing partition even I need to change it? No. You can modify or adjust the partition type without suffering from data loss.
  7. Can I mount a physical partition in my Windows? Yes, you can.
  8. Can I hide data from applications and Windows safely? Yes.
  9. Can I mark inactive or active partition if I’m an advanced user? Definitely!

10. Can I combine or merge the contents of two current partitions into a bigger one? Anytime!

11. Is it impossible to increase the disk space on a partition? No. You can increase your free space on any partition through using your on-disk unallocated space and unused space of other partitions.

12.  I deleted my partition; can I recover or restore it? You can always recover any partition you accidentally deleted.

13. Can the Partition 11 secure a system partition or hard disk and save even the system service structures? You can depend on either the Personal or the Professional Version to do this for you.

14. Can I restore a backup image I have done with my program? Sure.

15. Can the Partition 11 improve my system’s performance? 100% Yes.

16.  Can it create a similar partition on another or the same hard disk? Sure.

17.  I want to transfer folders and files between my Linux, Windows, and others. Is that possible? With this software, yes. You can do that and transfer your files between Mac OS, Linux, and Windows partitions. (*Personal Version: Only under DOS or Linux)

18.  Can I choose which OS to boot in startup? Definitely.

19. I think installation of the new OS is a bit slow. Can Partition Manager help speed it up? Yes, you can minimize the time for your system to prepare in installing a new OS.

20. Is it possible that I transfer my current physical system to an online mode even if some files or folders are locked? Yes, you can.

21. Can it do drive partitioning and recovery operations for GPT volumes possible?  Yes.

22. If I use the Mac OS X, can I get total write or read about access to the native file system? Yes.

23. Does it support Linux Ext4FS? Yes.

24. Can I use it with the latest Windows 7? Sure.

Most Common Partition Manager Pre-Purchase Questions for the Professional Version

  1. Can I enable drive partitioning and disaster recovery operation for MS dynamic volumes? Yes.
  2. Can it make an automatic report on operations completed and executed in various machines in the same place? Definitely.
  3. Can it restore a physical system from a backup directly to a virtual setup? Yes.
  4. How can it help if Virtualization is not successful? It can restore the functionality of the virtual environment if the Virtualization is not successful.
  5. Can I mount a virtual disk on it and work with it in the program even if it is my physical hard disk? Sure.
  6. Can it optimize the performance of the file system “NTFS” by defragmenting the MFT? Yes.
  7. How about optimizing the NTFS file system through shrinking its MFT? The program can do that, too.
  8. Can I extract folders and files from the archive even if I don’t restore it? Yes.
  9. Does it guarantee data protection? Yes it can guarantee data protection provided that the backup media is secured.
  10. Can it control my system performance? Yes it can control your system performance and even waste space factor.
  11. Can it convert a dynamic MBR disk with simple volumes/volumes into an MBR disk? Yes it can convert an MBR disk with simple volumes into a basic MBR disk.

Some More Most Common Partition Manager Pre-Purchase Questions

  1. Does the Partition Manager offer complimentary support? Yes. 30 days for the Personal Version and 60 days for the Professional Version.
  2. How much is the Partition Manager Upgrade 11? $33.95
  3. How much is the Partition Manager 11? $38.95
  4. Where can I see the Full Features list? Visit the SoftwareCasa page for Partition Manager 11.
  5. Where can I see a complete comparison chart of the Personal and Professional versions? Read the COMPARISON HERE.

Last Question: Can I send you other questions regard the Partition Manager 11?

My Answer: Yes, anytime. I’ll be compiling more questions and will be updating this post. So, tune in for the next series of the “Most Common Partition Manager Pre-Purchase Questions”

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