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partitionmanager2Have you just purchased or own Partition Manager and have no idea how to create and format partitions? I have good news, you don’t need to spend money on an IT specialist, you can Do it Yourself with Partition Manager’s Create Partition Wizard.

You may ask why you need to create and format partitions? One of the top reasons is to speedup your computer, install more than one operating system and many more which you can read in my previous blog post.

Partition Manager’s Create Partition Wizard makes this process fast and easy! With this wizard, you can specify whether the created partition will be a Primary, Extended or a Logical partition. Then choose a file system from the following system types: FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, Ext2, Ext3.

Apart from creating and formatting capabilities of Partition Manager, you can also perform advanced operations such as:

Hard Disk Surface Test

– Partition Manager will look for bad sectors and mark them unusable in the file system meta-data.

Set Amount of Sectors Per Boot

– you can set the number of sectors to be reserved for the boot area. Available on for FAT16 and FAT32 file systems.

Set Amount of Root Entries

– you can set the maximum amount of files/directories to be placed in the Root Directory on the FAT16 partition.

Set Amount of Sectors per Cluster

– applicable for formatted partition.

Partition Manager does its operations quickly and safely.

Still not convinced you may check out Partition Manager yourself!

partitionmanager3Already own Partition Manager good for you just make sure you are not missing out on the new features of the latest upgrade to Partition Manager 10. As I’ve said, just use the wizard and you’ll be taken care of from there on.

Until Next Time Happy Partitioning 😉

Your Partition Manager Guide – Peter