One of the best additions to your software to keep up with the growing demand for storage and space is a backup and recovery system that allows you to upload all important and necessary files that you have stored in your computer.

Backup and Recovery 14 is an efficient software that allows you to back up all your files in a jiffy and restore it whenever you feel like it. It stores data so when your device encounters a sudden mishap, you can go through it like nothing ever happened. It’s the best plan to keep all your data and system safe from total destruction or from, well, disappearing.

Backup and Recovery 14 brings countless benefits to the table

  • Has Adaptive Recovery 3.0 so you can install all your data on a different hardware
  • Includes a GTP partition support
  • Automatic partition alignment
  • Has a cyclic back-up mechanism
  • Encryptable data back-ups to avoid stealing and misuse
  • Works through an asychoronous back-up
  • Better Recovery for winPE support
  • Full support for
    • USB 3.0
    • BitLocker
    • Windows 8.1
    • uEFI
    • Recovery Media Builder
  • VD restoration wizard option
  • Selective restore, restore and back-any of the files you want without destroying the configuration
  • Has a powerful boot corrector
  • Presents with a Universal Image Mounter
  • Built in scheduler and script generator
  • Successful Hot Processing options you can choose from
  • Updates and delivers via email notifications for more accessible knowledge
  • Full storage spaces suppor
  • Very user friendly, guides you through the steps
  • Be able to back up anything
  • Allows you to transfer to different hardware
  • Highly flexible and improved configuration that can work anytime, anywhere
  • Accessible and can be used any time
  • Allows you to store data without additional configurations and instructions
  • Very useful and accessible

Who is Backup and Recovery 14 for?

  • Anybody with a computer or computer like device
  • Those who are in constant need of back up storage for future use
  • For those who are opting to update or upgrade devices or software materials
  • Those who want to protect their data through uploading via virtual storage

Why do you need the Backup and Recovery 14?

You need it if you want to protect your files and hard disk at all costs and protect your hardware from natural destruction. Use Backup and Recovery 14, not only as a means of backing your things, but also as a safety net for your system environment.

Get the Backup and Recovery 14 today!