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Paragon is the leading developer of innovative software that focuses on data storage, security and management. It is also the manufacturer of the best partition managing tool Partition Manager 10.  They recently delighted us with their upcoming release of a product similar to Drive Backup, only difference is that it is compatible with Mac OS X. It is called “Snapshot”.

It’s simply a question of time – made of moving parts, hard drives will fail sooner or later.  The innate fallibility of the hard drive requires that Mac and PC users alike have a backup plan.  A point-in-time copy of data, known as a “snapshot,” is an ideal solution to completely and safely backup a computer, and has been in use on Windows-based operating systems for years. If you are a PC user and don’t have a backup of your hard drive don’t wait until its too late get Drive Backup today.

“Snapshot”  will target Mac OS X users out there, both for home and businesses.  It is currently out for beta-testing.

The current backup solutions available for  Mac computers do not have the capability to perform complete system backups. With the release of  “Snapshot”, this will be possible and recovery can be done immediately.

Currently you cannot do a backup when there are applications running or if the file to be backed up is currently being utilized by an application, all these will be possible with Snapshot for Mac OS X.

Snapshot for Mac offers the following benefits to Mac users:

1. Better application availability

2. Faster recovery

3. Easier backup management of large volumes of data.

4. Minimal possibility of data loss.

Snapshot for Mac OS X supports the following file systems:

• Mac OS Standard

• Mac OS Extended

• FAT; and


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