PerfectDisk 12.5, the latest version of the award-winning and Microsoft-certified utility for disk defragmentation is now released.

The PerfectDisk software product line provides smarter optimization for all system drives. Improvements have been made that result in up to 30% faster so users can work and play even faster. Plus, it saves energy costs by reducing the use of CPU and disk I/O resources.


What’s new with PerfectDisk 12.5?
  • OptiWriteâ„¢ to Prevent Fragmentation – Prevents degradation of your system’s performance by preventing most fragmentation on your drive before it occurs.
  • StealthPatrol™ – Auto-Optimization Automatically prevents fragmentation and optimizes your system when it isn’t busy.
  • New Dynamic Zone Engine – Significantly reduces the overhead involved in processing all sizes of drives.
  • Short Stroke Method for Thin-Provisioned Environments – Improves optimization speed and improves support for Thin Provisioned drives.
  • Zero-Fill Free Space Saves Storage Space – Only PerfectDisk offers Zero-Fill free space capability that consolidates free space then zero-fills that space.
  • Interactive Scheduling Calendar – Provides a monthly view of all scheduled tasks with on-the-fly task editing
This latest version adds a new Space Management feature that helps businesses and users reclaim wasted disk space and better manage their storage, as well as peer-to-peer remote capability to more easily manage remote clients.

PerfectDisk Home Premium is the most complete disk defragmenter available where you’ll be able to keep your personal computer in top-notch shape.

PerfectDisk Professional is a system utility tool that you can use to organize your operating system in such a manner that its performance level significantly increases.

All other versions include both Space Management and Peer-to-Peer Remote Capability described below:

The new Space Management adds several capabilities, including:

  • Duplicate File Finder — recovers disk space by detecting and removing duplicate files such as text documents, pictures, music, and videos.
  • Recycler — purges the Recycle bin and removes temporary files so that your drive remains clutter free.
  • Space Reports – lets users view graphical and statistical reports of file usage and allocation.
PerfectDisk’s new peer-to-peer remote capability also adds several new capabilities, including:
  • Remote Control – allows users to take control of any client running on a remote computer with the power to access features normally only accessible via a local client.
  • Remote Management – Allows users to make on-the-fly changes to client configurations and behaviors without the need to use Remote Desktop.
  • Console Integration – Supports direct connections to remote clients via the PerfectDisk Enterprise Console.

PerfectDisk defrag software is a friendly alternative that picks up where Windows’ Disk Defragmenter leaves off, adding powerful features, an attractive interface, and a top-notch help file with clear instructions and definitions.

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