pm101The latest version of Partition Manager is now out in the market. Partition Manager 10.0 was released just last month and now it is packed with advanced partitioning tools added to help you get that better management and control over your hard drives.

Partition Manager 10 includes new and updated features such as:

• NEW Windows 7 Support – Take advantage of of the full-fledged support of Partition Manager for computers running 7.

• NEW Support for the new GPT formatted Hard Disks, used in Windows 7, Vista, Server 2008, Mac® OS X and Linux.

• NEW Refined User Interface – Now there are improved two-level user interface: Easy and Advanced to suit its user’s needs and satisfaction.

• NEW Recovery Media Integration into the MSI Installation Package – A Linux/DOS Recovery Media Builder is fully integrated into the Installation Package.

• NEW Install Windows OS Wizard – Now you can easily install Windows 7/Vista/XP on your Intel-based Mac® either as a sole OS or create a dual-boot system.

• UPDATED Improved 64-bit Support – Partition Manager 10 provides full support for all Windows 64-bit OS.

• NEW Express Resize and Create Partition Wizard – With this wizard, you can now create a new partition and also increase free space on a partition from another partition on your hard drive.

• UPDATED Initial Backup Facility – With the Simple Backup Wizard, backup creation is fast and easy. Backup options can be to CDs, DVDs and even Blu-ray discs.

• NEW Context Sensitive Hint System – Get a detailed description of settings, controls or fields directly and immediately.

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