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Today am going to share with you one of the coolest features that you find in Partition Manager. Did you know that its possible to run two operating systems on one computer? If you would like to get rid of Windows XP but not sure yet, you can give Windows Vista a test drive on the same computer!

But before I share on this cool feature  if you already own Partition Manager there is a new release Partition Manager 10.   The new release includes  Windows 7 Support, 64-bit Support and Improved – Two level user interface. Read more…

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Now that you are all set with your Partition Manager I will share the cool features of Boot Manager.

Boot Manager, also known as boot loader is an awesome feature included in Partition Manager 10. It  helps in setting up boot parameters for  your system. With it, you can run and setup multiple operating systems and switch them easily when starting up, for example running both Windows XP and Windows Vista. Yes that’s  possible!

The Boot Manager is divided into four (4) Categories, see description below to help you with your setup.

1. A boot manager that boots an OS through reading the boot sector from the first sector or a particular partition. It cannot support multiple OS and doesn’t recognize file systems but they has a simple user interface and only uses minimum hard disk space. One disadvantage though is its lack of stability whenever performing boot operations.

2. A boot manager that loads a boot sector from a certain boot file with a specified name. It’s considered as a built-in boot manager which helps to coordinate with other operating systems.

3. A boot manager that is aware of system and configuration files of operating systems and has the ability to create backup copies of them. This category can detect file systems, recognize different operating systems automatically.

4. A boot manager that has all full-scale capabilities  that include managing and partitioning. It allows you to install and run multiple operating systems and also reorganizes your disk space and partitions layout without compromising your data.

How to Activate/Deactivate Boot Manager

– Open Partition Manager

– Click Boot Management, then Boot Manager.



– Click Next


– Tick on Configure, then Next


– Choose the settings you would like to apply, then click Next

– Hit Finish

**Note: This is only applicable on version 9 and up.


– Boot from Recovery CD that is a component of Partition Manager > Select Normal Mode > Run Partition Manager > select the disk where the Boot Manager is installed > Apply “Update MBR” to that disk; or

Boot from Windows XP CD > Repair > Run “fixmbr”

To know that the deactivation process was successful, you should get this message:

“The new master boot record has been successfully written

Give it a try and if you encounter any problems just send your queries to technical support.

Until Next Time 😉

Peter – Your Partition Manager Guide