upgrade to 10Hello Friends,

Do you already own a Previous version of Partition Manager? If yes you must be asking yourself is it really worth upgrading to Partition Manager 10?

I will tell you whats new and why I think its worth every penny to Upgrade to the New Partition Manager 10  and then you be the judge!

So What do you get when you upgrade to Partition Manager 10?

1. Recovery Environments on USB Flash Drives:

Performing a recovery operation and maintenance is now made fast, easy and reliable as Partition Manager allows you to create Linux/DOS bootable media on a USB flash drive. The recovery media can solve anything from fixing crashed operating systems, performing partition operations, accessing and copying vital documents when you have a system crash or hardware failure.

2. Full Support of the latest Software and Hardware:

Upgrading to  Partition Manager 10 offers full-fledged support for Windows Vista, 7, XP (64 bit version), the new GPT-formatted hard disks and the latest Linux-Kernel.

3. Express Create/Resize Partition Wizards:

Creating and Resizing your hard disk has never been quicker. Using a wizard, you can create a new partition in the most appropriate place in your hard disk, format it to NTFS and make it available in the system. Increase free space on one partition by taking the unused space of an adjacent partition of your hard disk with only a few mouse clicks.

Check the complete feature comparison of Partition Manager 10.0 Personal from the older version, Partition Manager 9.0 personal here.

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If you are ready don’t hold back,  enjoy the full features of Partition Manager by  upgrading to  Partition Manager 10.0 .

Until Next Time 😉

Peter – Your Partition Manager Guide